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Motorcyclist Suffers Critical Injuries in Manhattan Beach Accident

By October 4, 2021No Comments

motorcyclist who was riding on Sepulveda Boulevard in Manhattan Beach, suffered critical injuries after an accident last week.

The accident occurred in the evening as the motorcyclist was heading north on Sepulveda Boulevard. A car that was traveling south made a left turn in front of the motorcyclist. The motorcycle struck the car broadside, and the motorcyclist suffered serious injuries. He was rushed to the County Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, but succumbed to his injuries.

On the face of it, this may seem like a simple accident, but the fact is that accidents caused when a motorist makes a turn in front of a motorcyclist are some of the most common accidents, often ending in serious injuries for the motorcyclist. Most of these accidents occur because the motorist is not aware of the motorcyclist riding behind him. A motorcycle has a much narrower frame, and as a result, a motorist may not be aware that there’s a motorcyclist behind him, unless he takes care to actually look out for one.

With more numbers of motorcyclists on California roads, Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers believe there is simply no excuse for motorists to remain unaware about the presence of large numbers of motorcyclists on their roads. These accidents can be avoided. For example, motorists must look out for motorcyclists in their rear view mirrors. Very often, motorcyclists may be hidden in a motorist’s blind spots. Motorists must be very careful, and take a few seconds to look out for a motorcyclist located out of their field of vision. It is especially important for drivers to be careful in conditions of poor visibility, like during bad weather or during nighttime. A little care and caution can go a long way in preventing these accidents.

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