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Former Insurance Attorneys on Your Side Now

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers and founders of Lederer & Nojima are former corporate insurance lawyers. Rather than siding with the insurance companies, now they are on your side.

  • How will an insurance company deny your claim?
  • How will insurance adjusters question the facts of your case?
  • How will an insurance lawyer try to discredit or doubt you?

Our former insurance attorneys are now Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who are on your side. Personal injury victims in Los Angeles have many choices for personal injury lawyers, but few lawyers have the experience of Lederer & Nojima. Call our Los Angeles personal injury law office at 310-312-1860‎ for a free consultation.

If we take your case, you can feel assured in our confidence. We get paid nothing unless we win. Through settlement or judgment, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys believe we can help you achieve your goals.


Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are more than prepared to fight for the justice, the compensation, and the peace of mind you deserve. We have the resources and experience to represent you in any personal injury case including the following:

  • Auto, Motorcycle & Pedestrian Accidents
  • Mass Transit & City Bus Accidents
  • Dog Bite Incidents
  • School Injuries
  • Premises Liability – Slip, Trips, and Falls

The above represent only a small sample of our practice areas. Furthermore, we have represented clients with the most serious injuries and we have obtained justice for them: brain injuries, burns, and spinal cord damage. No matter your struggles or how complex your case is, we have the resources and the experience to help. Experienced lawyers, a dedicated staff, access to expert witnesses, and independent investigators: we have the resources to win.

If you or a family member has been seriously injured or killed in Los Angeles as the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, skilled top Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the fair compensation you need and deserve. If we do not, we get paid nothing. By offering you a candid analysis of your case, we are serving your best interests and ours. When you call us for a free consultation, you will get compassionate and practical legal guidance and you will have a clear understanding of the merits of your case.

The medical experts, accident-scene investigators, and other specialists that we work with will be at your disposal. All at no cost to you. Call us now to see how our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can fight for you.



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As I'm heading to work on a Sunday, the bus I was taking crashed. As I'm taken to the emergency room I begin to think how unfortunate that I don't have insurance and realize how I'm going to pay for everything. The next day, while at home and trying not to move after my injuries, I Google for lawyers who have dealt with bus accidents on my phone. I ignored the ones that had pretty pictures but one name stood out and I read the reviews and his past experience working with mass transit and city transit buses. I clicked on the contact us link and sent him an email. I did this around 8 or 9pm at night. He called me 5 minutes later! As I was talking to him, he was so nice about everything! He made sure that in the morning I got a list of doctors that were close to me especially since I don't have a car. He took care of my medical bills so I could finally stop panicking. John Nojima and his team like Ericka and Angela have helped me so much. From Ericka taking time out of her day to talk to one day as I panicked on the bus taking it back home since I didn't have a ride to get back home. They made sure that I received a fair settlement especially after all my medical bills were paid. There are no other ways to share my gratitude with your office and with what everyone has done to help me through the toughest time in my life. If anyone has to deal with any accident, choose John.

Jeanine G.Great Treatment After A Bus Accident

While riding my motorcycle another driver turned left in front of me. I spent sometime in the hospital and missed the opportunity for employment. The accident was clear cut and the other drivers insurance company seemed cooperative. The problem was that the amount of insurance the other motorist had was not nearly enough to cover my medical bills and lost income, much less for 'pain and suffering' and a disfiguring scar I suffered. Even though the other drivers' insurance company was offering me the full amount of his liability policy I would still have been responsible to reimburse my health insurance company for what they paid for my care. I was concerned that the other driver may have had assets which I could take to compensate my loss...

F.W.Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident

Mr. Nojima was very attentive and made sure that my well-being and my vehicle were well taken care of. He guided me through the entire tedious process of dealing with the auto insurance company and explained everything in detail so that there would be no surprises at the end. His staff is extremely helpful and quick to respond to your issues, as well as very knowledgeable. Mr. Nojima and his staff often worked extended hours in order to accommodate my schedule and meet me after closing to discuss my case. This attorney looks at his clients as people, and not dollar signs like every other lawyer. He made what could have become an extreme aggravation, a smooth process to my recovery and settlement.

KarlaLos Angeles Car Accident

My experience with John Nojima was excellent and I would recommend him to anyone in need of his services. In the past I have recommended him to several friends and they have also had great experiences with him.

MichaelCar Accident Personal Injury Case

Mr. Lederer has handled a rape case and an auto accident case for me and my family. With each case I was informed of the good, the bad, and the ugly that was taking place. He didn't dance around topics or leave out information. He was always blunt and to the point--always making sure I understood what was going on. Yet he was sensitive to my situation and worked with me to mentally and physically heal from the situation. Mr. Lederer aided me in finding the best doctors and counselors to assist me and my family, regardless of our lack of insurance and immigration status. He fought relentlessly for both cases and I received a more than fair settlement with both and his staff helped in negotiating to reduce my medical bills. His staff was always courteous and even provided translation services for my mother when needed. Mr. Lederer and his staff worked extremely hard for us. I would definitely use him again as a good trusting lawyer is hard to find.

AnonymousClient Who's Family was represented by Lederer Nojima on a Car Accident and Rape Case

The best set of lawyers I've met! John Nojima and the rest of the atty's at Lederer Nojima Tagliaferro LoPresti, LLP will take care of your legal needs when you need to take care of yourself. I have used them for 2 car accidents. One a drunk driver was involved and most recently a large 5 car pile up where injury was a result. I felt I was being taken care of from the first phone call with Mr. Nojima. Their office is always there to answer your questions and concerns. You are NEVER left waiting days to hear back from an atty. Thank you! Your attention to detail means a lot!

G.A.Multiple Car Accidents

One of the Most Professional Firms I have worked with I am a doctor who specializes in the treatment of people injured in accidents. My experience with Lederer & Nojima is that they are uniquely responsive to the needs of their clients, a complaint that I hear from patients with other law firms. Also, they tens to get good settlements for their clients/my patients. I recommend Lederer & Nojima highly to anyone that has been involved in an accident and needs representation.

Dr. Barry CarlinTestimonial from Dr. Barry Carlin

Quality and Compassion Mr. Nojima of Lederer, Nojima, Tagliaferro and LoPresti (LNTL) understands the importance of knowledge and professionalism. His care and compassion are exceptional and are traits shared by everyone in the firm. In my opinion LNTL is one of the best personal injury firms in Southern California.

B.E.High Praise After Handling a Personal Injury Case



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