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Five People Injured in Senior Driver-Related Accident

By October 4, 2021No Comments

Police are still investigating a number of factors that could have caused an accident involving a senior driver in Manhattan Beach recently. The motorist lost control of his car and crashed into at least 3 vehicles, injuring 5 people in the process.

Police believe that the brakes on the white Cadillac being driven by the motorist likely failed, contributing to the accident. The vehicle crashed through at least 3 concrete barriers and 3 vehicles, traveling at least halfway down Manhattan Beach before finally come to a stop. Five people were injured in the series of mini-accidents that occurred along the way.

According to witnesses, the driver seemed to be honking his horn desperately, after he realized that he had lost control of the brakes and was unable to stop. He crashed into a van first, and then hit another car and 3 concrete pylons which had been placed at the pier’s entrance. The elderly motorist is believed to be unhurt.

Brake failure is likely to be one of the major factors included in this investigation. Malfunctioning car components like brakes, steering, wheels, and tires can be a major factor in automobile accidents. In some cases, these malfunctioning components may be the result of a manufacturing defect. In other cases, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer may find during investigations that there was a lack of periodic car maintenance or prompt repairs, which contributed to a mechanical breakdown, and consequently, an accident.

Senior drivers are generally considered some of the safer drivers around, and are involved in fewer accidents compared to, say, teenage drivers. However, accidents involving senior drivers do very often involve motorists losing control of their vehicles. These are often deadly accidents that end in loss of life or catastrophic injuries.

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