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Most Drivers Could Do with Refresher Training

By August 21, 2021No Comments

The last time most motorists underwent a proper driver education program or driver training course, was when they received their license. Unlike commercial drivers or fleet drivers, motorists are not required to get their driving skills upgraded, and that, according to new research, could be a problem. Los Angeles car accident lawyers believe that there could be far too many motorists driving on Los Angeles roads, with inadequate knowledge of driving safety or driving laws.

In a study that was conducted recently, researchers found that motorists were unable to clearly figure out how much stopping distance to leave between their vehicle and the car in front. In approximately 50% of the cases, they overestimated the stopping distance, while only 16% of the motorists were able to remember the stopping distance that they learned in their driving education program.

But motorists are not required to undergo a driver education program to upgrade their driving knowledge of driving laws. For instance, the laws related to distracted driving, or speeding, bicycle safety and other laws frequently change in California. Motorists could benefit with upgraded driver training modules that allow them to stay updated with changes in the laws. A new law in California, for instance, now requires motorists to maintain a minimum of 3-feet passing distance when they pass by a bicyclist. A motorist who is not even aware of this new law could be at serious risk of causing a bicycle accident, and getting a traffic violation citation on his record.

The researchers are calling for at least periodic retraining of motorists to learn about the latest driving safety laws, and refresh their driving skills.

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