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Concussions Can Cause Behavior Problem in Teens

By August 21, 2021No Comments

Behavior problems or risky behaviors are a very real risk in teenagers who suffer a brain injury, like a concussion.

Those are the findings of a new study that was conducted by Canadian researchers. The results of the study find that both male and female teenagers were likely to engage in a number of risky behaviors after they had suffered a concussion. They had suffered concussions while playing sports, or as a result of accidents.

In both the genders, suffering a brain injury was linked to a number of dangerous and risky practices including smoking, and using drugs. These teenagers were much more likely to drink alcohol, and their grades in school dipped after they had suffered an injury to the head that resulted in a concussion.

The researchers however warn that the results of the study should not be used as an excuse for bad behavior after suffering an injury. Not all children who have suffered a concussion are likely to react this way. However, other studies have indicated that when a person suffers even a mild brain injury, there could be an increased risk of odd behaviors that are not in line with the person’s personality.

Additionally, females seem to react differently to a brain injury, compared to males. Male teenagers in the study were found to be three times more likely to get bad grades in school after suffering a brain injury, and were twice as likely to use marijuana, compared to boys who did not suffer a brain injury. Female teenagers were much more likely to engage in risky behaviors, after a concussion compared to males. They were more likely to smoke, and become victims of bullying or suffer from suicidal tendencies or depression after a brain injury.

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