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More than 45,000 cyclists are killed or injured each year by collisions with vehicles. A cycling accident can result in severe injuries and costly medical expenses. If involved in a bicycle accident, receive compensation for your injuries through a bicycle accident claim.

Gather Evidence for Bicycle Accident Claims

The first step to making a bicycle accident claim is gathering evidence. Get the details of the at-fault driver. This includes information like the driver’s name, driver’s license, the auto insurance company, and the vehicle’s identification number. If there is a witness to the accident, ask for their contact information. All this information will then help you build a strong case against the at-fault driver.

Check for Hazardous Road Actions

If involved in an accident because of damage in the roadway or obstacles like potholes, take photos of the accident scene. Location information is critical to determine whether the local or state municipality is responsible for the roadway’s maintenance. When you identify the roadway jurisdiction, find out how long you have to file a bicycle accident claim. Statutory limitations for filing injury claims vary depending on the county and state government.

Hire a Lawyer

The most crucial step towards filing an injury claim is finding an experienced and reputable lawyer. When making policy statements, make sure you have a lawyer by your side to avoid incriminating yourself. Additionally, your lawyer will be critical in gathering evidence and ensuring all appropriate regulations have been followed when filing a claim. Furthermore, your lawyer will help during settlement negotiations if your bicycle accident claim does not go to trial.

Learn More About Bicycle Accident Claims

Our experienced lawyers will work to protect your rights after an injury. You can schedule a free consultation with our bicycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles. We shall work on a no-win, no-pay basis. For more information, contact us online or reach us at 310-312-1869.

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