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US Motorist Death Rates Drop by More Than a Third

By October 4, 2021No Comments

American motorists are safer behind the wheel than they have been in years. According to new data released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, death rates have fallen by more than one-third in three years.

To many motorists reeling under an onslaught of recalls announced by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it may not seem like driving a car is so safe. After all, 2014 was the year of record recalls with more than 60 million cars recalled for a range of defects, some of which contributed to fatal accidents.

However, the Insurance Institute insists that in spite of all these recalls, American motorists continue to be very safe in cars, compared to the past decades. The chances of driver fatalities in accidents involving late-model vehicles actually dropped by more than a third in three years.

This is a huge improvement even when you consider that the auto industry has been struggling with a number of safety problems. From the General Motors ignition switches defect that has been linked to several fatalities, to the Takata air bag deployment problem that has been linked to at least five fatalities, automakers have been forced to pull vehicles off the roads for a number of safety problems. In spite of these defective vehicles, the fact is that modern automobiles are simply much safer than they have been, and safer automobiles have played a significant role in the reduction of accident fatalities over the past decade.

However, some cars continue to be more dangerous than others. The death rates in accidents involving small cars for instance, continue to remain higher than death rates in other categories of vehicles. Meanwhile, the death rates involving SUVs are some of the lowest on record in any category of vehicles.

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