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South Bay Bicycle Safety Group Releases Plan on Safe Bicycling

By October 1, 2021No Comments

The South Bay is the one of the best areas in the country for bicycling.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers have frequently found that bicycling has not been a viable form of transportation here because of the risks to bicyclists, and the lack of awareness about bicyclists’ rights.  The South Bay Bicycle Coalition wants to set that situation straight.

The group has released the South Bay Bicycle Master Plan that would increase the number of miles of bike lanes and paths across the region.  The plan would also recommend policies and programs that would bring about a change in the current auto-centric culture in the South Bay.

A number of local cities already have bicycle plans in place, but these are not comprehensive, or have not been properly implemented.  The South Bay Bicycle Coalition plan would properly define bike lanes, bicycle paths and shared streets in seven local cities.  There will be another 235 miles added to the current 79-miles of bike paths, bike lanes and shared streets in this area.

The group hopes to not only expand the current biking network to include more bicycle lanes and bike paths, but also to encourage a bicycle safety culture that promotes the idea of people bicycling, not just for leisure, but also for work.  The aim is to get more people out of their cars and on to bicycles, by ensuring that they not only have the infrastructure to do so conveniently, but also safely.  Under the South Bay Bicycle Coalition plan, bicycling should be not just convenient and inexpensive, but also safe.

The South Bay Bicycle Coalition consists of bicyclists from a number of cities.  Founded in 2009, it had its first big victory in 2009 when it received a $240,000 federal grant aimed at reducing obesity.  The funds have since been used to conduct accident prevention workshops.

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