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Risk of Americans Becoming Immune to Auto Recalls Very Real

By October 4, 2021No Comments

In 2014 alone, millions of General Motors cars have been recalled due to a number of defects, including the most prominent defective ignition switch. Those aren’t the only recalls this year, however. As the number of recalls every year continues to mount, there is a very real risk that Americans will stop considering recall notices as background noise, and will fail to respond to these altogether.

In 2014, the recall juggernaut was kicked off by General Motors which recalled more than 2.6 million cars across the world. That recall was one of the most serious ones this year, and has been linked to 13 fatalities. The recalled was linked to defective ignition switches that can cause sudden disablement of the engine and airbag systems. So far, the company has announced a staggering 38 recalls in 2014, covering more than 14 million cars. Other automakers have recalled more than 8 million cars in 2014 alone.

Every year, an average of 21 million cars are recalled for a variety of defects. We are barely half way through the year, and are already close to meeting the annual target already. Los Angeles car accident lawyers believe that when consumers are bombarded with regular recall notices like the one General Motors seems to be sending out an almost daily basis, those recall alerts lose their significance. They become background noise, and there is a risk that owners will fail to respond to the recalls.

That is definitely dangerous because many recalls are linked to serious auto defects that can cause injuries and fatalities. Consumers who don’t respond to alerts don’t stop driving their cars, and don’t take their cars for repairs and maintenance at their local dealer. These motorists are at risk of driving a defective vehicle that can increase their risk of being involved in a car accident.

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