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Researchers Find Cell Phone Users Are Aggressive Motorists

By October 4, 2021No Comments

There may be a reason why the bans against texting and use of hand-held cell phones while driving are not reducing the number of accidents, as Los Angeles car accident lawyers had hoped. It could simply be that persons, who frequently use cell phones while driving, have found other distractions to occupy them.

New research seems to indicate that persons who frequently use cell phones while driving – the category of motorists targeted under these laws- are by nature aggressive drivers, who frequently take risks when they drive. For these motorists, a law that simply bans texting while driving or the use of hand-held cell phones while driving, may not be a sufficient motivator to stop this practice.

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology found that people who frequently used cell phones while driving were aggressive motorists, who had a much higher risk of other destructive driving practices. For instance, the research found that these drivers were more likely to be consistently irresponsible while driving. Frequent cell phone use while driving, also seems to indicate that the person has a much greater willingness to engage in risky behavior that increases the risks of an accident.

That could provide an explanation for why a state like California has seen little decline in the number of accidents caused by these practices, even though the actual incidence of texting while driving or use of hand-held cell phones while driving, may be down. It could simply be that people, who are predisposed to texting or using hand-held cell phones while driving, now find something else to occupy them while driving.

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