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Parents Develop Devices, Apps to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

By October 4, 2021No Comments

There are no federally-approved devices or technologies that a parent can use to reduce the risk that he or she will leave a child behind in a hot car, and walk away. In the absence of any such technology, a number of parents across the country are using their own imaginations to develop devices and apps that can be used by other parents to reduce the risk of such a catastrophe.

Every year, there are hundreds of heatstroke-related incidents involving children who were left behind in cars. In most of these cases, Los Angeles car accident lawyers find that the children are rescued in time, when the parent remembers that the child is in the car, or when a passerby notices the child, and calls emergency help. However, in many cases, the children suffer severe heatstroke and suffocate as the temperatures in the locked car rise.

These are the kind of errors that no parent could ever imagine making. However, they are more frequent and more common than believed. According to Kids and Cars, every year, there are at least 38 fatalities involving heatstroke in children who were left behind in hot cars.

The auto industry has failed to develop any devices or technologies that would help alert parents when they are in danger of walking away from a locked car with their child inside. However, that hasn’t stopped imaginative parents around the country, from developing technologies to help prevent such disasters. These technologies include everything from sensor systems that are embedded in car seats and would actually alert the parent when he walks away from the locked car with the child still inside, to smart phone apps that warn the parent to check the backseat once again, when he turns off the car.

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