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Thousands of commuters drive our California highways daily, each in a different state of mind, heading to a different destination.  Inclement weather, road hazards and distracted drivers are all a part of the equation leading to increased crashes. Knowing what to do when you are directly involved in a multi-car accident is critical information for your Los Angeles commute.

When You Are A Part of The Pile Up

Accidents are terrifying. Multicar pileups even more so with resulting increased fear, anxiety, and costs. While accidents are emotional, keeping your cool and following these simple suggestions can help you navigate your immediate circumstances.

  1. In a multicar accident with traffic continuing to move around you, the safest place is to remain in your vehicle until emergency responders arrive. Wait for responders to approach you and professionally assess any injuries that you or your passengers may have sustained.
  2. While it’s tempting to stay near the crash site, now is the time to move yourself and your passengers safely off the road and away from traffic. Once you are cleared to leave your vehicle, collect your personal belongings and move out of harm’s way.
  3. Use your smartphone to take photos of your vehicle and record driver information from the other cars involved.
  4. Speak to any witnesses willing to provide a statement and use your phone again to record contact information should you need to speak with the witness at a later time.
  5. Prepare to give a statement to law enforcement investigators on site. Some law enforcement agencies will include the insurance information of involved parties as part of their formal accident report.  Don’t hesitate to ask for contact and insurance details yourself from other driver’s involved in the incident.
  6. You may or may not be cited.  Now is not the time to argue fault.  Accept the instructions about next steps from law enforcement and ask the responding officer for their contact information and the best way to gain access to a copy of the official accident report.
  7. We don’t always know we are injured until after the adrenaline settles.  Make an appointment for a thorough evaluation by your physician as soreness, bruising and long-term complications can linger and cause problems days or even weeks after the fact.

Accidents are traumatic, expensive and can happen to anyone. The personal injury lawyers of Lederer & Nojima are prepared to evaluate your situation and assist you should you be involved and injured in a serious accident. Contact us and we’ll help you all the way through a settlement or judgment getting you results.

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