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Mother Files Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit against Day Care Center

By October 1, 2021No Comments

Most Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyers are familiar with sex abuse cases involving day care centers or schools. A woman in Orange County, Florida recently filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against her child’s daycare center.

According to the lawsuit, the child was 6 at the time of the abuse. He was abused by another older child at the same center. According to the complaint, when the mother picked up her child at the center one day, he told her that he had been molested by another boy. This was not the first time this had happened. The abuse allegedly occurred at least 5 times.

The boy had to undergo therapy, and suffered severe emotional distress and anguish. The abuse took place in the playroom when the 2 boys constructed a fort. Inside the fort, the older boy had unrestricted and unsupervised access to the younger child. The older boy denies any sexual misconduct.

The mother has now filed a lawsuit against the day care center, accusing the center of negligence and misrepresentation. According to the mother, when she went to admit her child to the day care center, the facility owners informed her that they had closed-circuit cameras in every room in order to ensure the security of the children. However, they later found that none of the rooms had cameras installed.

In this case, the mother became aware of the abuse quickly. However, this doesn’t often happen. Many times, children are too afraid to report the abuse to their parents, or believe that the abusive behavior is normal, and not out of the ordinary. In such cases, it falls back on parents to keep their eyes and ears open. Look for signs of abuse like bedwetting, thumb sucking, regression, and dropping school grades

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