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Most Seniors Driving Cars That Are Not Suited to Their Needs

By October 4, 2021No Comments

As a driver gets older, he undergoes certain physical and mental changes that can impact his ability to drive safely. In such cases, drivers can benefit from driving a car that comes with the kind of safety features that are suited to their safety needs. Unfortunately, far too many seniors are driving cars that do not contain any features that can compensate for their deteriorating driving abilities.

According to a new survey by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, as many as one in 10 seniors is driving a car that is not really suited for his aging needs. The research was based on a survey of 5,000 motorists, and found that very few seniors are driving cars that come with features like larger dashboard controls, more striking and brighter displays, and other features that can actually help them drive more safely.

The features that a senior driver could look out for include power adjustable seats that make it more comfortable for the senior to sit and drive for long periods of time. Seniors, who suffer from hip or leg pain, or lowered muscle strength in the leg or lowered range of motion in the knee, should look for cars that come with such seats.

Los Angeles car accident lawyers also find that many seniors suffer from conditions like arthritis. These conditions result in pain and stiffness in the fingers and hands, and can affect a person’s ability to drive comfortably and safely. In such cases, seniors can benefit from keyless entry and ignition, and a thicker steering wheel that reduces the amount of strength necessary to grasp the wheel. These seniors will also benefit from having a larger dashboard control that comes with buttons.

As a person gets older, he may have problems with his vision. Contrasting text display, larger controls and auto-dimming mirrors can help motorists see clearly, and prevent accidents.

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