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Mistakes in Motorcycle Accidents

By October 1, 2021No Comments

Shocking statistics state that motorcycle accidents has caused 35 times more deaths than car accidents. Motorcyclists have to be extra careful on the road because there is nothing protecting you–such as car doors, airbags and seatbelts–from severe injury. Motorcyclists constantly make these mistakes, and these mistakes get them into collisions and accidents on the road.

Not focused: Your eyes should be on the road at all times. A pothole, object, dead animal, slick spot, other road hazard or another vehicle can suddenly appear in your view. Focused people will have enough time to respond. Texting, looking at the scenery, talking to the passenger behind you–these are unnecessary distractions that will get anyone into an accident, even if it was only for a second. Nothing is more important than you getting to your destination and back safely. Even daydreaming or ‘enjoying the rush’ is considered a distraction. Turn off the phone, keep your eyes and head in front of you and tune out mental, physical and emotional disturbances.

Impatience: Like car drivers there are impatient motorcyclists. Impatient motorcyclists are the type to drive fast, cross lanes of stopped or barely moving cars (lane splitting) and cut drivers off from merging. As a result accidents in lane splitting and collisions with cars and fixed objects have occurred. Motorcyclists who are bold enough to drive while a car is making a left hand turn have created accidents in intersections. Whatever reasons motorcyclists have for being impatient is not worth being injured, thrown or killed over. Wait and take your time.

Under the influence: There’s a reason why being under the influence and driving don’t mix. Drinking and doing drugs take our mind away from the task of driving. People don’t remember what happened or what they’ve done, so how can they be alert behind the bike? Answer: they aren’t. Get someone else to take you home. Smoking and driving should be avoided as well.

Ignoring motorcycle repairs: Some motorcycle accidents can easily be avoided just by visiting the repair shop. If something looks or sounds wrong with the motorcycle get it checked out as soon as possible. Many people wait to pay for repairs, but this is not recommended. Damages to and inside the motorcycle will get worse. Those same damages may cause the motorcycle to stop, explode or spin out of control possibly injuring or killing you or someone else.

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