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It can be scary to be injured on the job. Not only could it be painful, but you may also worry about what is going to happen next. You may have a lot of questions going through your head. Will you lose your job? How much work time are you going to miss? What happens if you can’t come back to work?

Before you get yourself too worked up, you need to come up with a plan. Here are some legal steps that you need to take if you are injured on the job.


1. Report the Injury


First, you have to report your injury. It is important that you let your employer know immediately that you were injured. Though, legally, you have ten days to report it, you should let him or her know right away.


2. Seek Medical Attention


Then, you need to get proper medical care. Indeed, you should seek medical help right away if you were injured at work. Some states require you to be treated in a certain facility to ensure that you are properly cared for. Others allow you to go to your normal doctor.

When you are there, you need to let your doctor know that it is a work-related injury.


3. Track Your Medical Costs and Missed Wages


Keep track of your medical costs (and how much work you are missing). It is important to keep track of all of your medical bills during this time. They should all be covered by workers’ compensation.

You should also keep track of how much work you miss. Some of your missed wages should be covered under workers’ compensation. For this reason, you need to write down and monitor how much work you actually miss.




Any time you are injured on the job, it is important that you let your employer know right away. You also need to get seen by a medical professional right away. You may want to consult a lawyer at this time to ensure that you get what you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! We will help you get back on your feet (and back to work) as soon as we can.

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