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Almost everyone in Los Angeles has either personally experienced or knows someone who has had a near car accident. These dangerous interactions with distracted drivers have become such an alarming commonality that they are seen as a norm of LA life. While experts attempt to solve this issue that the city deals with daily, no substantial improvements have arisen. For many people who are affected by car accidents, hiring an attorney can be the best option to represent oneself.

The Statistics

The Los Angeles Times reports that 244 people were killed by traffic collisions on city streets in 2019. Over half of the victims were walking. This is even after the Transportation Department made nearly 1,600 changes to improve street safety that same year. The Times reports that while pedestrians are involved in only 8% of LA traffic accidents, they represent 44% of casualties. We understand that distracted driving has now outnumbered drunk driving in the total number of accidents in Los Angeles, and not because drunk driving decreased.

A Dangerous Reality

Car culture in Los Angeles has proven to be very dangerous for bikers, walking pedestrians, and even other drivers. Distracted driving has run rampant through the city and has not decreased since the advent of Vision Zero, a citywide effort to make city streets safer. The specific causes for the sudden uptick in car accidents is hard to ascertain, besides possibly a change in attitude towards using a phone while behind the wheel.

The cause of the rise of car accidents is an obvious concern. What can be much more personal is figuring out the best possible solution in the event of you or a loved one being affected by distracted drivers.

Injured By a Distracted Driver?

If you have been hit in a car accident, consider talking to a personal injury attorney to gain the resolution you deserve. Contact us today to discuss what options you have after your accident.

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