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December 15th Sees Most Car Accidents in California

By October 1, 2021No Comments

Today, California motorists will drive on what is believed to be the deadliest day for driving in the Golden State. According to a study conducted by Allstate, more California car accidents occur on December 15th than any other day of the year.

Allstate found a whopping 20% hike in the number of car accident claims filed in the state on December 15. The average number of car accident claims in California involving Allstate policyholders, is 435. However, on December 15, that number increases to 539. What’s more interesting is that just three days later, there’s another sudden spike in car accident claims. On December 18, the average number of claims in California is 523.

According to Allstate, the top five days for California car accident claims is December 15, February 14, October 13, December 18 and September 5.

So what is it about December 15 that keep Los Angeles car accident lawyers so busy? One possible explanation could be that the Christmas holidays are approaching, and motorists are rushing to finish holiday shopping. As the holiday season progresses, there are more numbers of motorists on the road, finalizing their preparations for the holiday.  Besides, the weather does tend to get frostier, sometimes resulting in foggy conditions that impact driving abilities.

While you can’t do much to control the increased traffic leading up to Christmas and New Year’s, you can take care to reduce the risk of an accident or minimize the severity of injuries. Always buckle up, and avoid driving under the influence. Avoid nighttime travel as much as possible. Take less congested routes, where you are less likely to run into motorists in a hurry.

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