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California Laws Would Address Motorcycle Lane Splitting

By October 1, 2021No Comments

California is the only state in the country, where lane splitting by motorcycles is legal. Lane splitting is the process, by which a motorcycle shares lanes with stopped or slowed vehicles.

However, the practice, although it is legal in the state of California, has never been addressed by state law. That state of affairs could soon change. Under a new bill that was recently introduced, lane splitting would be governed by a specific set of guidelines.

Under the guidelines, motorcyclists who want to split lanes will be allowed to drive between rows of several stopped vehicles, all moving in the same direction, as long as the traffic speeds are below 30 mph. However, motorcycles would be restricted to a speed limit of not more than 10 miles in excess of the traffic speed.

Lane splitting is a common practice in California, and motorcyclists say that it saves them time. Motorcyclists, instead of waiting behind a large convoy of slowly moving vehicles, can share lanes, and move ahead. Additionally, it’s safer for motorcyclists because it helps avoid them getting overheated as they sit and wait in traffic.

However, it is important for motorcyclists to obey traffic rules for lane splitting. If the bill passes, then those laws governing motorcycle lane splitting will be clearly established as part of state law. Motorcyclists who want to share lanes must slow down their speeds, and must pay full attention to the task of riding, when they are sharing lanes. Failure to adhere to these rules places motorcyclists at risk of injuries in an accident.

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