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CA Woman Reportedly Fired for Reporting Bite Involving Boss’s Dog

By October 1, 2021No Comments

A case out of Oakland combines all elements of a dog bite lawsuit with facts that would interest any California employment and wrongful termination lawyer.  A woman there has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her employer, after reportedly being fired because she dared to report a bite involving her employer’s dog.  The woman, Pamela Reid, a former executive assistant to Mills College President Janet Holmgren, says that in August 2009, she suffered a dog bite involving Holmgren’s dog.  The attack took place during a campus fundraising event that was held at Holmgren’s house.  Reid suffered minor injuries during the bite.

She reported the bite to Oakland Animal Services, claiming that the dog, a Chihuahua terrier called Holly, was a vicious animal.  Five months later, she was terminated from her position.  She has now moved ahead with a wrongful termination lawsuit, but Holmgren thinks that the lawsuit is without merit.  The lawsuit seeks damages for lost wages, benefits and fees.

Most dog bite claims that Los Angeles dog bite lawyers come across involve aggressive breeds like pit bulls and Rottweilers.  But there are other breeds that are just as likely to bite.

The fact is that a Chihuahua is just as likely to bite as other breeds.  In fact, these dogs have a reputation for biting, most likely because of a hyperactive disposition.  A Chihuahua that bites is typically doing so because of a history of abuse, or because they feel threatened because everyone and everything around them is so much bigger than they are.  That doesn’t mean that if your Chihuahua is in the habit of nipping at people’s heels and biting them ferociously, you should just stand back and laugh about it.  These bites can result in injuries that require a visit to the doctor.

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