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Britney Spears Headed Toward a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

By October 1, 2021No Comments

It’s back to Scandal Island for Britney Spears. This time, the troubled pop queen is facing the prospect of an embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former bodyguard. The bodyguard in question, 29-year-old Fernando Flores alleges that he was the object of unwanted attention from the pop queen. Flores has just quit his job as Spears’ bodyguard.

Flores has not yet gone ahead with his sexual harassment lawsuit against Spears, but is reportedly considering doing so. According to his friends and family, Spears had a propensity for parading around naked in front of him. She often made unwelcome advances, including inviting him into the bedroom. Flores says he was under constant pressure to respond to her advances, and feared that if he didn’t do so, he would lose his job.

Being bodyguard to one of the world’s most desirable women might be a dream job for many, but Flores says it was a complete nightmare. She constantly ran around the house without any clothes on, and was always yelling at her bodyguards. However, he bore it all until the day Spears was photographed without wearing underclothes. Her father blamed her bodyguards, including Flores, for allowing her to run out of the house without wearing a bra. While all the bodyguards seem to have taken the brunt of Spears’ behavior, it seems to have been Flores to whom Spears took a special liking.

Inviting someone into your bedroom and running around naked in front of them might constitute harassment under California law. Typically, a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer might be able to file a claim if the situation includes:

  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Making comments of a sexual nature
  • Making sexual slurs
  • Making obscene gestures
  • Making offers of promotions and other employment benefits in exchange for sexual favors
  • Making threats after the victim rejects sexual advances
  • Mistreatment based on gender
  • Physical harassment by touching and groping

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