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Before You Call a Car Accident Attorney

By October 1, 2021No Comments

Car accidents are devastating. Not only are you dealing with the sudden shock of being involved in an accident, chances are you have suffered some type of injury. For many people involved in an accident for the very first time, they do not necessarily understand their rights to file a claim and receive compensation for damages to their vehicle, wages lost due to their injury and for their medical expenses. This is why it is important to call a car accident attorney but before you do, there are some things you can do first.

Take care of yourself

Immediately following an accident you should seek medical attention. Regardless of whether you think you have been injured or not, this is a smart move. Because an accident will almost always result in an increased level of adrenaline in your system, you may have injuries that are not immediately noticeable.

Contact local law enforcement

After the accident scene has been cleared and you have sought medical care, contact your local law enforcement office. Ask for the contact information for all witnesses and a copy of the accident report. This information will help determine who was at fault for the accident and the cause of the accident.

Contact insurance companies

Call your own insurance company and make sure they get a copy of the accident report. In addition, contact the insurer for the other involved parties and file a report with them. This will help start the process of recuperating your costs.

Contact an attorney

Once you have completed these steps, contact a car accident attorney. Keep in mind, insurance companies will take their time paying claims and they will also try to pay as little as possible to victims. Victims of car accidents do not need to be victimized a second time by an insurer.

Regardless of how minor your injuries are, you are entitled to compensation for injuries, damages and time you lose from work. A qualified car accident attorney can help make sure you get the compensation you deserve in spite of how little insurers are willing to pay.

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