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A car accident attorney will help determine whats “fair and just” compensation.

By October 1, 2021No Comments

In the aftermath of a traffic crash victims sort through a range of feelings, including what may lie ahead in any personal injury claim, such as who has the responsibility to pay for your medical expenses, or lost wages.

With an array of unresolved issues hanging over them, it behooves the injured party to seek an experienced car accident attorney.

At issue is a multitude of concerns touching on the mental stress affecting the claimant, as well as what is “fair and just” in the following areas, as noted on

Medical treatments: Surprisingly, victims may fail to see out a few years and the need for medical treatments way beyond what they may currently be receiving.

Property Loss: The basis for determining property worth for reimbursements—including clothing—is derived from its ‘fair market’ value.

Income: A victim’s injuries may not only affect the immediate loss of wages and salary, but also influence future earnings.

The consideration takes into account any future earnings, as well as wages and salary loss in the near term.

Emotional distress: The fallout from accident injuries may impact a victim’s mental state; consequently, ‘compensatory damages’ may be appropriate if suffering is related to “fear, anxiety and the loss of sleep.”

Pain and suffering: This element can apply to injured parties who underwent “pain and serious discomfort” throughout the actual accident; too, compensation may be relevant for such conditions occurring from the “immediate aftermath.”

Commonplace, too, is compensation if pain is ongoing even after the accident.

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