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By September 21, 2021No Comments

$250,000 Underinsured Motorist policy limit settlement. Our client was an innocent passenger riding in her daughter’s car when the defendant swerved into their lane and struck their car causing it to spin and hit another vehicle stopped at the upcoming intersection. As is all too often the case, the at fault driver had only minimal insurance coverage. That claim was settled immediately. Luckily, our client and her daughter had sufficient Underinsured Motorist Coverage allowing us to recover the maximum total policy limit of $250,000 shortly after she had completed her medical treatment. The injuries sustained included a subdural hematoma and torn meniscus in her knee requiring surgery. Our firm assisted our client in obtaining the best orthopedic treatment available after her injuries were not properly diagnosed through her health insurance provided physicians. The knee surgery was successful and she has recovered from her head injuries.

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