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$315,420.00 Structured Settlement. Plaintiff, an eight year old boy, was playing with neighbor’s dog.  The dog bit him on the mouth causing injuries, requiring stitches, leaving no visible scarring.

$250,000 Settlement. The defendant, who was drunk, crossed over the center divider striking the plaintiff’s vehicle. The Plaintiff sustained a minor lumbar disc bulge requiring epidural injections but no surgery.

Dog Bite in Compton – $245,000.00 Jury Verdict.
Our client was bitten by her neighbor’s dog on the left arm and subsequently underwent surgery to repair severed tendons. The Defendant denied her dog was involved, and blamed the attack on strays in the neighborhood. Defendant offered only $5,000.00 before trial as “nuisance value”. The jury found 12-0 in our favor and awarded our client $245,000.00.

Confidential settlement for Motorcycle Accident.  Plaintiff lost his foot as a result of a car not being able to navigate Mulholland Highway in a legal manner.

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