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Woman and Pet Attacked by Bulldogs

By August 23, 2021No Comments

In Ohio, two unrestrained dogs attacked an unnamed woman as she was walking her own small dog. The attacking dogs, a pit bull and an American bulldog, were apparently after the woman’s pet and rushed across the street when they saw the two passing by. The woman lifted her dog up in her arms to protect it and received numerous injuries as the two bulldogs tried to get at the smaller animal.

A man who was in the house that the two dogs had originated from ran across the street and defended the woman and her pet, kicking and pushing at the dogs in an effort to get them off her. Putting himself between the two parties, the man also suffered injuries as the dogs became more excited and began biting him as well. Both the woman and the man required medical attention. The woman’s pet was unharmed.

The owner of the two dogs has been identified as Tessa Campbell, age 36. She claims that children in the house let the dogs out, but the authorities have still charged her with leaving animals at large. Campbell claims that the dogs have been vaccinated for rabies but could not recall the veterinarian’s name. The county health board will be notified in regard to the incident, and the two dogs are currently being held in quarantine pending further investigation.

It is unclear whether the animals were let loose purposefully or simply by accident, but bulldogs and pit bulls have very powerful jaws and are very strong for their size in proportion to other dogs. Due to their strength, animals of these breeds require a higher degree of supervision for fear of the injuries these dogs can cause. Yet all manner of animals and pets, much like the aggressors in this case, frequently get loose and rarely does it end in an attack. Luckily, no one in this case was seriously injured, and it becomes another such event added to a long list in the debate over pet owners’ rights versus community safety standards.

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