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Volvo Makes Paint for Safer Bicycling

By August 21, 2021No Comments

Volvo, already a leader in pedestrian and bicycle safety technology, has introduced a new reflective bicycle paint that makes it easier for bicyclists to bike at night.

The Swedish automaker has introduced a spray-on reflective paint. The pain contains especial adhesives that are invisible in the daytime, but reflect light and light up after dark in the glare of automobile headlights. The effect of the invisible spray- on paint is dramatic, and it’s hard to miss a bicyclist when his bicycle, clothes, and accessories are coated with the reflective paint.

The paint is meant to be sprayed onto your bicycle and accessories as well as your clothes. It is safe enough to spray on fabric, including your clothes and shoes. You can also use it when you’re out for a walk with your dog. You can safely spray it on your stroller, or dog collar. One application of the paint is meant to last for a week, and the paint washes out without any damage to the fabric.

Cycling at night is a major threat to bicyclists in Los Angeles. For years now, Los Angeles bicyclists have been making use of reflective tape that they stick to their bicycles, bags, accessories and clothing in order to alert motorists to their presence when bicycling at night. However, the reflective paint goes one step further in making bicyclists even more visible to motorists when they are riding at night. They can also be easily used by pedestrians who are visible while walking.

Reduced visibility is one of the major reasons why bicyclists are at a higher risk of being involved in an accident when they’re biking at night. Avoid biking at night as much as possible, and if you must ride at night, ensure that you are visible to motorists, by sticking reflective tape or spraying reflective paint on your bicycle and clothes.

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