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The Risks of MediSpa Dermatological Injuries

By August 23, 2021No Comments

As millions of people prepare for the holidays, many may prepare for the parties and family reunions by visiting salons and day spas. Many will even take a step further in efforts to alter their appearance. Countless people throughout the nation will visit one of the many “medispas” that have been springing up over the last several years. Such spas may have a lot to offer because they have access to the latest beauty techniques and technologies.

Lasers were once thought of as the stuff of science fiction. In the last several decades, however, lasers have become increasingly important in the medical field and can accomplish surgical miracles unheard of only a decade ago. But as with many technologies, the cost of developing lasers has dropped dramatically which has made them increasingly available to larger segments of the population. Now these powerful tools are used for hair removal and wrinkle reduction.

As the number of medispas using lasers proliferate, the number of injuries occurring is also going up. Under all circumstances, lasers must only be handled by extremely cautious and highly-trained professionals. But, often, people are left with permanent scars and severe injuries as a result of dermatological burns caused by lasers. Unfortunately, lasers are only one of many causes of injuries at medispas and salons.

Botox injections, hair coloring, permanent makeup application, and other treatments may lead to dermatological burns and other injuries. In some cases, Botox is administered incorrectly which can lead to nerve damage and other complications. With hair coloring, powerful chemicals may be used in an attempt to achieve desired results. Imperfections of any kind, whether through a defective product or a negligent employee handling the application, can lead to chemical burns on the face and scalp. Permanent makeup application can lead to negative reactions involving the dye used. The risks may be especially high when the permanent makeup is applied near the eyes.

Most medispas and salons are safe but many critics claim that the industry is not regulated aggressively enough. If you are interested in a medispa treatment, the safest action may involve extensive research into the quality of services provided and training of the staff.

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