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Texting and Driving Car Accidents Fatal for L.A. Pedestrians

By August 20, 2021No Comments

Two friends cycling together in downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles commuters know first-hand how treacherous driving the streets can be. Add texting into the mix, and the results sometimes prove fatal, especially for pedestrians.

Who Can Be Effected?

According to the L.A. Times, walkers and bicyclists made up over 60% of traffic collision fatalities in 2019. This is true despite Mayor Garcetti’s 2015 Vision Zero initiative to drastically reduce this number. While traffic deaths have risen overall since Vision Zero began, authorities point to distracted driving as the culprit.

Walking or bicycling in L.A. requires constant vigilance. Rarely is anyone walking or bicycling through city streets unaware of their surroundings. Instead, it’s the relative comfort of car commuting combined with cell phone use that lulls many drivers into looking away from the road.

Distracted Drivers

One glance away is all it takes to cause a severe accident. While it is ultimately the driver’s responsibility to pay attention, there are definite measures the city can take to shape car culture to make the streets more pedestrian-friendly. This was Vision Zero’s aim: to decrease traffic fatalities via initiatives like crosswalk upgrades.  However, these measures are not enough. According to many residents and activists, the city needs to invest in infrastructures such as more dedicated bicycle and pedestrian lanes to avert more tragedies.


While pedestrian fatalities continue to rise, the number of passenger and driver deaths continue to decline. The unfortunate reality of being a pedestrian in a large, car-centric city like Los Angeles is the risk of being struck by a moving vehicle. An accident like this can permanently change your life.

If you believe that a distracted driver was the cause of an accident that has injured you or a loved one, contact our office to discuss your case with one of our attorneys. Whether you were a driver, passenger, or pedestrian, we have a proven track record of advocating for people just like you.

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