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San Diego Wildfires Wreak Havoc

By August 21, 2021No Comments

There are multiple fires burning throughout San Diego County and many are threatening heavily populated areas. Instead of burning in rural areas like many Southern California wildfires often do, many of the fires have forced evacuations of large suburban neighborhoods and large business complexes.

North San Diego County has been particularly hard hit: the Ranch Bernardo fire, the Poinsettia fire, and Camp Pendleton fire have had firefighters working round the clock in unusually hot temperatures. The fire danger has been exacerbated by the early arrival of Santa Ana winds and years of extreme drought throughout Southern California. At least six serious fires are burning throughout San Diego County. Hundreds of schools have been closed in Carlsbad, Oceanside and San Marcos including California State University, San Marcos which is the home to more than 10, 000 students. Carlsbad’s Legoland was also closed due to a power outage caused by the fire. Smoke blankets the sky throughout the picturesque county that is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world.

Thus far, several homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed by the fires but the worst may be yet to come as temperatures are expected to remain high for the next two days with a significant drop in temperatures and winds over the weekend. Unfortunately, no rain is in the forecast. Read more here.

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