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Police Investigating Bite-and-Run Dog Attack

By August 23, 2021No Comments

Police in Ridgefield, Conn., are continuing their investigation into a dog attack that left a town resident and his puppy injured last week.

According to Police Captain Clifford Scharf, numerous leads have been followed up since German shepherds attacked resident Guy Marchison and his golden retriever puppy, Star. The attack occurred on Tuesday, April 20. Star was only 14 weeks old at the time.

Marchison claims that the dogs rushed Star, and he picked her up to keep her away from the attack. The shepherds persisted in the attack, causing injuries to both Marchison and his puppy as he tried to shield her from their assault. The dogs’ apparent owner whistled and they broke off the attack, followed him into his vehicle, whereupon he drove away. They were seen leaving in a Hummer, either gold or orange-colored.

Ridgefield police initially asked the press not to report on the vehicle’s description, fearing that letting the information out could disrupt the investigation, but another news outlet leaked the information later.

According to Captain Scharf, “Once we identify someone we will apply for a warrant and that takes time.”

Mr. Marchison was taken to Danbury Hospital for bites to his face and hands. He suffered eight puncture wounds, and was placed on medication in case of rabies. The puppy was taken to the emergency animal hospital. She suffered a serious wound to the chest and will require surgery, but seems to be in good spirits on the whole.

The attack is unusual, as many dog bite cases involve animals near their homes, with an owner clearly present and approachable. Captain Scharf has stated that the owner of the dogs is likely to face criminal charges in the matter, although whether these would be relating to negligence in allowing his dogs to attack someone or relate to fleeing from the scene remains unstated.

The captain did confess that he would hate to be the owner of a Hummer matching the description put out, however.



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