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Nine People Injured in Metro Bus-Truck Accident

By August 23, 2021No Comments

Nine people have been injured in an accident involving a Metro bus and a truck in downtown Los Angeles.  This accident comes just a few days after a Metro train was involved in an accident with another bus.

There were about a dozen people on the bus when it collided with a truck.  The accident occurred at the intersection of Hill and Temple Street.  The impact of the accident caused the bus to strike a pole, and then a gate.  Nine people in all suffered injuries, and had to be taken to the hospital.  The driver of the truck also suffered injuries.  None of the injuries are reported to be life-threatening.

Police are investigating the accident.  According to them, both the bus and the truck driver reported seeing a green light.  Obviously, one of them was wrong.  It’s very likely that one of the drivers involved here ran a red light.  There could be any number of reasons why this happened.  It’s especially important for Los Angeles bus accident lawyers to discuss this considering that this is National Stop on Red week across the country.  Across the US, law enforcement agencies are marking the week with special awareness programs to educate motorists about the need to observe red light traffic rules at all times.  Red light violations may seem like minor offenses, but these can be linked to thousands of accidents and injuries every year.  The week is being marked from August 1 to August 7.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 880 people were killed in 2007 in accidents caused because a motorist ran a red light.  These accidents injure an estimated 165,000 people every year.  Many red light violation-related accidents can be traced to distracted driving.  If they motorist is not paying attention behind the wheel, it can cause him to miss a red light.  Even the most experienced driver can miss seeing the light, because he is otherwise distracted by his cell phone.

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