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New Apple Patent Would Help Discourage Texting While Driving

By August 21, 2021No Comments

Apple is in the process of developing a patent that would discourage motorists from texting while at the wheel.

The company already has its CarPlay technology, which allows iPhone users to perform several activities including making phone calls, listening to music, via voice command. However, the new technology aims to prevent drivers from texting while driving. The feature would involve a lockout mechanism that would automatically disable the iPhone’s texting functions, when the car is in motion.

According to reports, several functions on the smartphone could be disabled for a certain amount of time. The technology will involve the use of GPS data, cellular data, sensors, and accelerometer that will determine whether the car is in motion. If the phone detects that the phone is, in fact, in motion in a traveling car, then these distracting activities will be shut down. Those functions would be available for use only after the phone determines that the car is in a safe position – not in the hands of the motorist at the wheel.

The phone can be used to set a predetermined number of restrictions on the phone. For instance, parents of teenage motorists might want to change the settings to ensure that their children cannot use the text messaging feature while driving. However, the teen may be allowed to continue to GPS functions. That ensures that the teen can use certain emergency functions and services, while all the distracting functions are shut down temporarily.

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