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Motorcycle accidents–what you should do if you get into one

By August 20, 2021No Comments

In many cases, the “what to do” following an accident involving a motorcycle is much the same as what should happen following an accident involving automobiles. First, call 911. Then, if there are no injuries requiring medical attention, begin the documentation process.

  • Get the names and contact numbers for the drivers and passengers involved.
  • Exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved.
  • Take down the make, model and license plate number of the other vehicle.
  • Photograph as much as you can, if possible. (This is made a lot easier by living in an age where everyone has a cellphone, and every phone has a camera.)

Above all else, of course, DO NOT leave the scene until police tell you you can do so. Criminal charges are a distinct possibility, and you shouldn’t leave before fault and liability can be determined.

This process can be relatively free from trouble so long as the accident was minor. But what happens if the accident is much more serious? What if an injury required medical attention? What if the accident incurred significant financial damages, perhaps even totalling the vehicle? This is the key difference between a motorcycle accident and an accident involving just autos; you’ll want an attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accident attorneys understand that while they share the same road, there is a real difference between motorcycles and automobiles. Safety measures that you will find in cars and trucks, like safety cages and anti-lock brakes, are not found in the motorcycle. Plus, motorcyclists face a different set of hazards, like not being as visible as other motorists due to road obstructions, or perhaps other drivers just not looking for the smaller vehicle.

If you need a doctor for a heart condition, you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist. When you need an attorney for your motorcycle accident, make sure they are specialists in that field.

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