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Metro Bus Driver Killed in Fatal Truck Accident

By August 23, 2021No Comments

A Metro bus driver was killed recently in a bus accident involving a tow truck in Los Angeles. According to the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the bus operator, a 35-year-old woman was killed in the accident that occurred when a bus crashed into a speeding tow truck.

Investigations into the accident have begun, but according to the Los Angeles Police Department, it seems that the tow truck was speeding at the time of the accident. The accident occurred just after five in the morning, when the tow truck which was being operated at excessive speeds ran a red light and then crashed head-on into the bus. The impact was tremendous, and the tow truck was sent careening into a store nearby, leading to injuries to an employee of the store. The employee was not seriously injured, and was treated at the scene. However, the store was completely destroyed.

Both the tow truck as well as the bus sustained severe damage in the accident, and the drivers of both of the vehicles had to be extricated using the Jaws of Life. The tow truck driver was also injured in the accident.

Running red lights or red light violations are a serious problem in California, and contribute to devastating accidents. Typically, when a vehicle runs a red light, it results in broad siding or T-bone accidents, which are side-impact accidents. In these accidents, the motorist that is running the red light is often driving at high speeds, or is driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, these accidents are often high-impact collisions that end with multiple and catastrophic injuries.

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