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Los Angeles Pedestrian Seriously Injured in Hit-And-Run Accident

By August 23, 2021No Comments

Los Angeles police are still looking for a hit-and-run motorist allegedly believed to have been responsible for a serious pedestrian accident over the weekend.  According to the LA Times, the pedestrian, an 18-year-old man was walking on Vanowen Street when he was struck by a car.  The motorist simply drove away from the scene.  The pedestrian sustained serious injuries.

Pedestrian safety has always been a concern to Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorneys.   Unfortunately, Los Angeles is home to a car-centric culture with the result that there is little consideration for the rights of pedestrians.  Most accidents are caused because motorists simply fail to notice pedestrians.  There are a number of causes for this.  For instance, a motorist who is driving under the influence may not be able to spot a pedestrian in time.  Someone who is distracted because he is on his cell phone is also likely to miss a person walking in front of the car until it’s too late.

However, far too many accidents in Los Angeles occur because motorists simply don’t look out for pedestrians.  This is especially true of pedestrian accidents that occurred near crosswalks or intersections.  These are areas where motorists need to look out for people crossing the street.  That very often doesn’t happen.  The result is a number of serious accidents that can leave pedestrians permanently injured or dead.

Besides, Los Angeles is a city that has been designed for automobiles, and as a consequence, pedestrian safety enhancements here are a work in progress.  Los Angeles could definitely do with some more initiatives to create walkable communities.  This is a trend that’s been supported even by the federal government, which this week announced the Walk Friendly Communities initiative, to encourage pedestrian safety programs across the country.  This city could definitely benefit from more resources on pedestrian safety.

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