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Crane Accident at WTC Construction Site

By August 23, 2021No Comments

A crane accident on the other side of the country does not normally catch the attention of any Los Angeles construction accident attorney. However, this particular accident occurred at the World Trade Center construction site, and led to work at the site being party shutdown.

According to reports, the accident occurred when a cable on the crane snapped, leading to a load of girders falling down approximately 40 steel stories below. Astonishingly enough, the girders landed neatly on a flatbed tractor-trailer, perfectly balanced, and looking almost like they had been placed there.

According to construction workers at the scene, there was a loud crash when the cable snapped, and workers began running helter-skelter. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or fatalities in this accident. However, one man has been reported to have suffered minor injuries.

The girders fell from a height of 40 stories, and the beams weighed about 60 feet in length and weigh several tons. This was an accident that could have easily turned disastrous. After the accident, which occurred early in the morning, the construction site was party shut down. The company which was handling work at the site has begun an investigation into the accident. The Port Authority of New York and the local fire and police departments are also expected to launch their own investigations.

Crane safety at the Big Apple has been a concern for construction accident lawyers. Ironically enough, the collapse at the World Trade Center site coincides with the trial of the crane owner in the deadly crane collapse that occurred in New York in 2008. The owner of the crane is on trial for manslaughter in the accident which killed 2 workers, and is accused of scrimping on repair jobs that would’ve prevented the accident.

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