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California Teen Drivers Spread the Safe Driving Message

By August 23, 2021No Comments

Many teenagers in California are putting their summer to good use. They are participating in initiatives that are aimed at increasing awareness about traffic safety, and the special risks that teenagers face on the road. May is being commemorated as National Youth Traffic Safety Month in order to educate teenagers, parents, schools and communities about the higher risks of accidents involving teenagers during summer and the rest of the year.

As any Los Angeles car accident attorney knows, hundreds of lives could be saved every year if states strengthen their teenage driving laws. According to federal agencies, in California, approximately 133 lives could be saved every year if laws governing graduated driver’s licensing programs were made tougher. Further, the state could save as much as $910 million a year by limiting accidents that involve teenagers.

This May, teenagers across California are participating in events that promote the safe driving message. From fashion shows to simulation programs that educate drivers to their heightened risks of accidents if they are using a cell phone at the wheel, teenagers are an integral part of these activities.

The National Youth Traffic Safety Month is promoted by youth safety groups, and is a student-driven initiative that relies on students spreading the message to other students. Los Angeles car accident lawyers believe that using teenagers to promote the safe driving message to teenagers is an interesting solution to what is one of the biggest challenges for transportation officials. Teenagers are notoriously resistant to safe driving messages. That is one of the reasons why these drivers are involved in such a disproportionate number of accidents, relative to their population. Depending on other teenagers to spread these messages in all forms, could be a more effective way of reaching out to these drivers.

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