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Aggressive Driving is a Concern over the Holiday Season

By August 21, 2021No Comments

More than 64% of American motorists in a recent survey confirmed that they had experienced aggressive driving from other drivers at least six times in the past three months. Over the holiday season, destructive behavior by motorists is likely to increase due to the heavy traffic conditions and stressed driving environment.

Aggressive driving can be defined as any kind of behavior that increases the risk of an accident. Typically such behavior includes speeding, weaving between lanes, tailgating, showing hostility towards other drivers and, in extreme cases, outright road rage. When a person is in the throes of road rage, he may try to inflict bodily or physical harm on another motorist, try to run the driver off the road, and display other such dangerous driving.

Aggressive driving is a major factor in traffic accidents across California, but as a new survey by State Farm Insurance and KRC Research shows, such practices are widely prevalent in the motorist community. According to the survey, 44% of motorists admitted to driving aggressively over the past three months.

Drivers between the ages 18 and 29 and middle-aged drivers were much more likely to engage in aggressive driving. As many as 32% of younger drivers, and 20% of middle-aged drivers reported either engaging in aggressive driving or being provoked by motorists. Parents were also much more likely to drive aggressively with 30% admitting to such behavior around the winter holidays. Just about 9% of motorists above the age of 50 admitted to aggressive driving, and among non parents, the hostile driving rate was just 50%.

In order to avoid aggressive driving, leave from home with plenty of time to avoid frustration and road rage. Tune out all stresses in the car, and play soothing, calming music. Avoid fast-paced music that boosts adrenaline, and increases speeding risks.

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