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Dangerous Balcony Lawsuits

Unsafe Balconies Can Cause Serious Injuries and Death


Unsafe balconies, decks, and porches cause serious injuries and death each year throughout the United States. Many of these tragedies are caused by construction defects, poor workmanship, low quality building materials and other problems that could have been avoided. Our Los Angeles attorneys for dangerous balcony lawsuits have seen these types of premises liability cases many times before. If you or a loved one has been injured in a dangerous balcony or deck collapse, call Lederer & Nojima.

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If a construction company, a homeowner, a building manager or other responsible party failed to ensure your safety on their balcony, porch or deck, they must be held accountable. While an insurance company may fight aggressively to avoid paying on a dangerous balcony claim, the attorneys of Lederer & Nojima know how to pursue maximum compensation and justice on behalf of victims of dangerous balconies.

Safety Should Always be a Priority for Property Managers and Builders

Premises liability lawsuits involving collapsed balconies can be extremely complex but Lederer & Nojima has the resources to investigate these cases. Our attorneys have relationships with leading construction engineers and other specialists who can uncover why a balcony may have collapsed. A bar or restaurant may not have regulated the weight on their balcony; an apartment complex may have been hurriedly constructed; to save on short-term costs, a builder may have used inferior construction materials. Determining exactly what caused a balcony, deck or porch to collapse can be complicated. Our attorneys have the resources to determine what caused the collapse and who should be held responsible.

To pursue maximum compensation on your behalf after a balcony collapse, we will aggressively negotiate and present evidence in the most favorable light for your case. We will do all we can to encourage the responsible parties to settle out of court but we are extremely experienced trial attorneys who will present your case to a jury if necessary. If the negligent party will not pay a fair amount for your needs, we will be as aggressive as necessary.

If we take your balcony collapse case, we are confident we can win. We only get paid if we do win your lawsuit. Our attorneys have a long history of taking cases that other law firms turn down. Contact us to see how we can pursue justice and compensation on your behalf after a balcony collapse or other premises liability or construction defect catastrophe.

JP & E is a San Jose law firm that helps injury victims recover maximum compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other losses. If you need a San Jose lawyer for unsafe balcony lawsuits, call us now for a free consultation with attorneys who have decades of experience in personal injury cases and premises liability lawsuits throughout Northern California: 408-246-5500408-246-5500.

Premises Liability, Construction Defects and Dangerous Balconies

California law states that the owner of a commercial or residential property has the duty to maintain the premises in a way that minimizes risk of injury to visitors. Many homeowners and businesses fail to monitor the weight load on their decks and balconies, sometimes with devastating consequences. Other times, construction defects that should have been detected by the builder lead to catastrophe. Some of the many causes of deck & balcony collapse include

  • Failure to connect the deck to the main building or structure
  • Failure to install weather stripping between main structure and balcony
  • Failure to monitor maximum weight loads
  • Negligent construction and use of unsafe materials
  • Negligent maintenance

The injuries sustained in a deck or balcony collapse can be catastrophic and life changing. On many occasions, they can be life ending. But even if the victim survives a balcony collapse, they may need lifelong medical care, adaptations to their home and vehicle and may have to significantly adjust their career aspirations and personal goals. Those responsible for the balcony collapse should be held accountable for the serious injuries sustained by victims. Typical injuries sustained in balcony collapses include:

  • Back & spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Face & body lacerations
  • Internal bleeding
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because of a deck or balcony collapse, call our San Jose lawyers for unsafe balcony lawsuits. We offer free consultations and we collect nothing unless we win your case through settlement or verdict. We will fight for justice and pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.



















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