Defense Had Contended Eye Spasms Not Related to Accident

Our client was involved in a severe rear-end motor vehicle collision on the 405 Freeway. She was initially diagnosed with strains in her neck and lower back. However, within weeks of the incident, our client began experiencing unusual facial and muscle spasms that became more frequent and intense over time. The defense contended that the spasms were not caused by the accident and argued that our client was making up her symptoms. Despite consulting with several doctors, the cause of the facial and muscle spasms went undiagnosed until we retained a neurological surgeon who recommended using a more advanced imaging system to detect potential injuries to our client’s brain. She was eventually diagnosed with an eye movement disorder. The imaging revealed that our client had sustained a brain injury during the accident, which was the cause of her facial and muscle spasms. After 2 mediations and all pre-trial work had been completed, the case settled and our client has received the proper medical care to treat her brain injury. The initial offers on this case were well under $100,000 until it was fully litigated by Lederer & Nojima.


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