Motorcycle Accident Testimonial

While riding my motorcycle another driver turned left in front of me. I spent sometime in the hospital and missed the opportunity for employment. The accident was clear cut and the other drivers insurance company semed cooperative. The problem was that the amount of insurance the other motorist had was not nearly enough to cover my medical bills and lost income, much less for 'pain and suffering' and a disfiguring scar I suffered. Even though the other drivers' insurance company was offering me the full amount of his liability policy I would still have been responsible to reimburse my health insurance company for what they paid for my care. I was concerned that the other driver may have had assets which I could take to compensate my loss.

It was getting complicated. RELYING ON A FRIENDS RECOMMENDATION and after interviewing other attorneys I contacted John Nojima. He met me at my home. He was completely professional, completely warm and concerned for my circumstances, and very forthright and realistic on the potential outcomes.

I realized that because the jackass that hit me had limited insurance any payment I might get could quickly get eaten up by medical bills and attorneys fees, all of which get paid before the claimant (me) does.

Though the other drivers insurance company was admitting fault and trying to stuff a check in my hand I considered the circumstances carefully and decided to retain John, even knowing that his fees would take part of any award I got.


Unlike many attorneys John was always responsive to my calls, emails, and suggestions. When I went to his office I could tell that he and the other attorneys were truly interested in helping people who were in unfortunate circumstances. Of course, they 'do it for the money', Everyone deserves to make a living and to be paid for their particular experience and knowledge. But I promise you John and his fellow attorneys don't do it 'just for the money'. They realize what they do has a real impact on real peoples lives. All the staff in the office were equally helpful and responsive !

John worked tirelessly to make sure the other driver really did not have assets we could take. He gained total cooperation from the other party and his attorney when checking for his assets. Johns negotiating skills and demeanor helped to minimize the amount I would eventually have to reimburse my health insurance company.

At the end of the day I came out much better than I would have without Johns help, even accounting for his fees. The matter only took 16 months to resolve and may have been done much sooner if not for delays on my part.

Lesson learned :

1. Dont trust any insurance company, not your own and not the other parties. The adjusters job is to "minimize" the amount of money they pay out to injured people. 

Having an attorney will make sure the insurance company doesn't trick you and acts in good faith. If the the insurance company does act in bad faith you may have the chance for a larger award. You need an attorney to evaluate this.

2. Don't assume you know who's faul the accident was, even if you think it was yours. Fault can be apportioned between everyone involved. There may be 3rd parties you are not aware of that share fault. When all the facts are known you may not be at fault at all. Even if your at fault your insurance company may owe you money for medical care, etc.

3. Keep records on what happened, who witnessed it, where you were treated and how much time you missed from work. Document injuries with photos - from the time of the incident ,and while your healing up.

4. Remember that 'everything is negotiable' - but the person best to do that on your behalf is an attorney with Johns demeanor and knowledge.

5. Don't hurry to settle your claim. Let the other party worry about it, want to get it off their desk, or call your attorney first. This puts you in a stronger position when your attorney negotiates on your behalf. In my case this made a difference in the tens of thousands of dollars.


I hope I never need an attorney again in my life. That's why I really hope that anyone in the same difficult circumstances I was in gets John if they need an attorney. He and his fellow attorneys will serve you well. I promise.

I'm not going to post my contact information here. But if you have any reservations please get ahold of me through Johns office. Tell them I said it was okay !


Torrance CA


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